Joining the Lab

Post-doctoral fellows:

We welcome applications from individuals with MD, PhD or equivalent training who are seriously pursuing a career in science. We are especially looking for applicants with strong background in stem cells, molecular, cell- and developmental biology and hematology/oncology. Interested applicants should send a CV, description of research experience and interests, and contact information for references. Possibility to apply for own post-doctoral fellowship through national and international agencies is highly valued.


Graduate students:


We take an active part in graduate training at UCLA and welcome highly motivated and self-driven graduate students through the MBI-IDP PhD program (Cell and Developmental Biology and Gene Regulation home areas), and MSTP training program. Interested students should apply directly to the programs, and contact us to inquire about rotation availability.



We have occasionally the opportunity to accommodate enthusiastic and dedicated undergraduate students in our research team. We expect serious effort and long-term commitment, and in return provide the opportunity to become part of an active research project in the lab. We encourage applications through the Minor in Biomedical Research program at UCLA.

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Biomedical Sciences Research Building
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Office: BSRB 451B
Lab: BSRB 457

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Lab:  310-206-0620, 310-206-0821

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